Monday, August 20, 2012

Outing and (hopefully) ousting

I have one consolation regarding the current misogynist (and really, let's face it, anti humanitarian) political climate here in the US.

Right at this moment these horrible backward people finally feel like they can actually *say* the things that they have apparently been believing all along, but at least now we can *get them on record*.

We can splay them open like frogs in a biology class (some messily hack into theirs, some delicately pin and catalogue theirs) and we can show everyone what they are made of, deep down inside (where that odd stringy grey-green part is hiding, there, right behind the liver).

These ideas and opinions did not come fully formed from nothingness, these are the ideas and ideologies that have been directing my country for decades.

We have not been "put back" 50 years, we've been quietly lodged there all along.